Building the East West Link is crucial for Victoria’s future.
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What's all this about?

While Labor may have destroyed the contracted East West Link, an East West Link will be built in the future. It’s too important for Victoria’s future.

Commuters and businesses just can't afford to be stuck permanently on Labor’s gridlocked roads. If the road is not built hardworking Victorian commuters will be forced to spend more time stuck in traffic, instead of enjoying more time at home with their families.

Labor’s decision to scrap the East West Link will cost at least $640 million – for nothing, no road and no jobs.

It's madness, and it's unforgivable.

Abandoning the East West Link will also hit Victoria’s economy at a time when we desperately need more spending on critical infrastructure. Labor has blown away 6,700 jobs that would have come with the construction of the Link.

And what does Federal Labor have to say about this? Bill Shorten has given full backing to Daniel Andrews for his scrapping of the East West Link – despite previously spruiking the importance of the road for families and jobs.

The Federal Coalition Government understands that an East West Link must be built. That is why we still have $3 billion of Federal money on the table to help fund the construction of this critical road.

No East West Link, but new Labor tolls for the eastern suburbs

After scrapping the East West Link, Labor says it now wants a big new multi-billion dollar road - but only for Melbourne’s west!

And, Labor expects the eastern suburbs to help pay for the new western roadway. Labor want to extend CityLink tolls on the Monash by 10-15 years!

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Melbourne is stuck in traffic – and it’s only getting worse.

We need a new road to link Melbourne’s east and west – making it easier for commuters and businesses by reducing congestion.

An East West Link is a vital and necessary component of Melbourne’s future road network.

An East West Link will change the face of transport in Melbourne and Victoria. It will provide an essential alternative to both the Monash and West Gate Freeways, reducing congestion on inner northern and western suburbs roads and making it easier for Geelong commuters.

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